Friday, 24 January 2014

How to root a Pendo Pad PNDPP410GPBLK 10.1" tablet

I recently purchased a Pendo Pad PNDPP410GPBLK from Officeworks. It is a 10.1 inch Android 4.2.2 tablet that is based on the Rockchip RK3168 SoC. If your tablet has the model number PNDPP410GPSLV, then it is the white version of the same tablet.

These instructions may also work on other Rockchip based devices.

I could not find a working method to root this tablet using Linux, so here are the steps for rooting this tablet successfully using Windows:

1: You need to enable the Developer options. Go to the Settings app. Tap on "About tablet", then tap on the Build number seven times until a message is displayed saying "you are now a developer". The "Developer options" section will now be displayed in the Settings app.

2: Tap on "Developer options". Make sure "USB debugging" is enabled.

3: You now need to install the Rockchip device drivers on Windows. Go to this link to download RK Driver Assistant. This program should automatically install the correct drivers for your device.

4: Go to the Device Manager in Windows. Right click on your tablet, and click "Update driver software".

5: Download and install "Kingo Android Root" on Windows. This program should root your tablet. If Kingo Android Root does not find your tablet, try rebooting and/or plug the tablet into a different USB port.

You should now have root access on your tablet.


  1. Thank you so much omg pendo are sneaky buggers haha how did you manage to work out the secret menu? and I wonder how many other secrets are hidden in these tablets absolutely love it you are an absolute legend for sharing thank you xoxo I have also a Telstra t-hub 2 device and for the life of me could not find anything to connect to PC with I searched Google and all forums for an answer for months, then a few months ago I thought I would try out some USB phone cables the one that fit and worked was from the zte racer and join me software .

    1. I'm glad it helped you. The hidden menu is a new thing that google put in more recent versions of Android. I found the menu by doing a google search for the "USB debugging" setting, after I could not find it in the location I was used to on my Android 2.3 phone. I also wonder what else is hidden in these tablets - the back cover is glued on, rather than removable, and I bet there is a way to replace the battery, after getting that cover off. I bet there is also a UART connector hidden under that cover, too.

  2. This tablet is also known as the 'Cello 10.1" Tablet' here in the UK (the Model No is PNDPP410GP)
    I used these instructions, drivers & software & rooted Cello 10.1

    Mega thanks

  3. Brilliant program, its the only one that was capable of tooring my tablet (Pendo/HTC PNDPP44QC7GRN)

  4. I had a lot of trouble getting this to work. If you have done all the steps and Kingo cannot detect usb debugging. (On win7) Uninstall tablets usb drivers, plug device back in, stop device installing from windows update (in bottom right task bar) and then install Adb drivers.

  5. Nah its easy as did mine in minutes sweet thanks for the tips